Mission Statement 

We are dedicated to helping those who risk their own lives to protect others. Our organization is ready to give support in all areas of need to those first responders who have suffered some type of injury. Our TV show, Copout Adventures, began taking those same folks on amazing outdoor adventures but we quickly realized we needed to be able to do more. Mission Blue Inc. is a registered 501 C 3 and all donations go to our hometown heroes and their families. We DO NOT have any paid staff so that we can use the funds to help those who really need the help. To donate to Mission Blue please email us.

Our main goals is to take our wounded men and women along with their families on outdoor adventures as our way of saying thank you and letting them know the communities in which they serve, do care and do not forget. During these adventures our folks quickly realize how much they are able to do and how much their lives matter. These adventures will help them to realize the amount of support they have and assist them and the family support systems in the road to recovery and help them realize how much they CAN do. They were there for us, now they need us to be there for them.